CI’s 5 Year Anniversary

01. OCT, 2014

On Friday 26 September Confucius Institute for Innovation and Learning celebrated its 5 year anniversary.
The anniversary was held at Utzon Center in Aalborg. It was celebrated with music performances, speeches by among others Inger Askehave, Thomas Kastrup-Larsen Aalborgs mayor, Chen Guangju vice president from Beijing Normal University, and Carsten Boyer Thøgersen. This was followed by the opening of two Confucius Classrooms at Hjørring EUC Nord and Viborg Katedralskole and a reception afterwards.

In connection with the opening of the Confucius Classrooms in Hjørring and Viborg, a student from Støvring Gymnasium, Magnus, and a former student from Støvring Gymnasium, Ejner, told about their experiences regarding China, their stay at Beijing Normal University (BNU) and what it has meant for them to be a part of a Confucius Classroom. This summer, Magnus participated in the summer camp that BNU arranges every year in collaboration with Confucius Institute, Aalborg. Ejner was studying at BNU for a whole year and received a scholarship through Confucius Classroom at Støvring Gymnasium and BNU.

It was very nice to see so many participants coming and celebrating Confucius Institute for Innovation and Learning’s 5 year anniversary and the opening of the two new Confucius Classrooms.


Five Year Anniversary of the Confucius Institute

23. SEP, 2014

Five Year Anniversary of the Confucius Institute for Innovation and Learning at Aalborg University!
Everybody is invited for the reception at the Utzon Center, Slotspladsen 4, 9000 Aalborg, from 13:30-16:00. We are looking forward to seeing you!


Asian Food Festival 2014 roundup

25. JUN, 2014

Last weekend the Asian Food Festival ended and it was a huge success. In total around 15.000 people visited the festival. They enjoyed Chinese dumplings, Japanese sushi, curry from Bangladesh and specialities from the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Visitors of all ages tried their Chinese calligraphy skills, wrestled with Sumo suits, shopped around among the many souvenir stands and much more.

If you want to have a look at pictures, then check out the great pictures taken by BrknRib Photography on Facebook here


Asian Food Festival 2014

12. JUN, 2014

From June 20-22, the Asian Food Festival will take place - everyone is welcome and the entrance is free.

There will be different activities during the days such as face painting, dumpling workshop, different food shop from many different asian countries, a sumo corner and much more.
The profit of the festival will be donated to a good cause. You can read more here


Lectures by Professors from Beijing Normal University

08. APR, 2014

Monday 31 March Aalborg University had the pleasure of four interesting lectures by four professors from Beijing Normal University.

Prof. Li Shaomeng held a lecture with the title “The Chinese Conception of the State and the Government: An Alternative Version of Cosmopolitanism”.

Prof. Xuehua Shi held a lecture with the title “How do the Chinese People Evaluate the Impacts of China's Global Re-emergence on China and the World?”

Prof. Wang Xinsong held a lecture with the title “Resilience of the Chinese Political System: Adaptive Governance and Its Challenges”.

Prof. Yang Chengyu held a lecture with the title “China’s Economic Growth, Income Inequality, and Demographic Change”.

All of the four lecturers were very competent and the lectures were a huge success with many participants.


Lectures on Monday 31 March 2014

27. MAR, 2014

On Monday 21 March, CI, Beijing Normal University and Aalborg University have arranged three interesting lectures.

For more information, see the pictures below:


Traditional Chinese Ensemble at HUSET

25. FEB, 2014

Saturday 21 February, Confucius Institute was co-arranger to a traditional Chinese ensemble.
The concert was held at HUSET in Hasseris, Aalborg. 5 Chinese musicians from Copenhagen Music Confucius Institute played a beautiful concert – a mixture of traditional Chinese music and other styles such as a Hungarian inspired number played on Chinese music instruments. The evening was a great success with a packed house.


Traditional Chinese Ensemble

06. FEB, 2014

Traditional Chinese Ensemble

Saturday 22 February at 20.00 Confucius Institute is a co-arranger to a traditional Chinese concert at HUSET Aalborg, Hasserisgade 10, 9000 Aalborg.

5 Chinese musicians, who are working as musicians and teachers in Copenhagen, are visiting us this evening. 5 different instruments will be played: the two-stringed bowed musical instrument “erhu”, the four-stringed Chinese musical instrument “pipa”, the Chinese Dulcimer or Yangqi, the twenty-one-stringed Chinese plucked zither “Guzheng” and the plucked seven-string Chinese musical instrument “guqin”.

Advance booking; 110 DKK (Students 60 DKK)
On the day; 130 DKK (Students 80 DKK)

Read more about the concert here


CI's Chinese New Year

06. FEB, 2014

Chinese New Year celebrations

Friday 31 January and Saturday 1 February CI invited everybody to Chinese New Year at CI’s Learning Centre.

On Friday three different classes from Støvring Gymnasium visited the event where they practiced Chinese Calligraphy, enjoyed Chinese snacks and tea and tried out Tai Chi.
Besides the classes from Støvring Gymnasium, a lot of people, from old to young, visited the event both on Friday and Saturday.

Aalborg’s local newspaper, Nordjyske, also came and covered the event, which hit the front page Saturday.

All in all, the event was a great success with many participants and everybody enjoyed the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

We wish you all the best for the year of the horse!


Aticle about Chinese New Year in Nordjyske

04. FEB, 2014

Chinese New Year celebrations

Friday 31 January and Saturday 1 February CI invited everybody to Chinese New Year at CI’s Learning Centre.

Aalborg's local newspaper, Nordjyske, was there to cover the event. You can read a scanned copy (it is in Danish) of the article by clicking here