Drink the water, but remember the source - a talk by Henrietta Maria Jensen 11 December

06. DEC, 2013

Drink the water, but remember the source - this is a Chinese saying, which pretty much sums up the themes in Kurt Tong's exhibtion "THE QUEEN, THE CHAIRMAN & I”.

In connection with the exhibition of “THE QUEEN, THE CHAIRMAN & I" in Aarhus, Henrietta Maria Jensen will give a lecture 11 December at 7 pm – 9 pm.

Henrietta Maria Jensen is a postgraduate student in Chinese Studies at Aarhus University. The talk is a part of the exhibition “THE QUEEN, THE CHAIRMAN & I” by Kurt Tong, and it will feature issues such as family relations, migration, colonialism and multiculturalism and how these themes manifest in the exhibition. It will also include relevant artists who have addressed the same themes as mentioned above.

The event will take place at Galleri Image, Vestergade 29, 8000 Aarhus, 11 December at 7 pm – 9 pm - feel free to come!


Movie night and debate – December 4.

05. DEC, 2013

Movie night and debate – December 4.

In connection with the exhibition ” THE QUEEN, THE CHAIRMAN & I” by Kurt Tong, Gallery Image showed the movie “Lost in Beijing”. The movie was presented by Thorsten Budde Haensel from Confucius Institute, Aalborg University.

The movie “Lost in Beijing” is a tragi-comic story, which sets the scene for discussion. A lot of talk and discussions by the participants filled the night, and the event was a success.


Opening of The Queen, The Chairman & I

15. OCT, 2013

The opening of the exhibition "The Queen, The Chairman & I" by Kurt Tong was a great success.

Check out some of the pictures from the exhibition below:

You can still visit the exhibition until 22 December 2013



01. OCT, 2013

THE QUEEN, THE CHAIRMAN & I is a photo exhibition by Kurt Tong. Kurt Tong’s family is originally from China, but his family decided to send Kurt to England to study.
His whole life he has felt like an outsider – caught between two cultures, his Chinese background and his English upbringing. Given this, Tong has written a book.

This book can now be experienced in Aarhus (Vestergade 29, 8000 Aarhus, Danmark). The exhibition is an installation staged as a Chinese Tea House where you can see some of Tong’s old family photos, different documents and letters and read the book while enjoying a cup of tea.

Confucius Institute supports this exhibition and Thorsten Budde Haensel will open the exhibition Friday 11 October from 16:00-18:00.

Everybody is welcome and the exhibition is free. It will be open from 12 October to 22 December 2013.

For more information (in Danish) click here.


Culture event – 21 September, Aalborg Øst

01. OCT, 2013

21 September Confucius Institute was a part of the culture event “Bazar Between” in Aalborg Øst. The event was all about mixing Danish culture with foreign cultures and for the participants to gain new experiences.

At the event you could experience different kind of cultural things such as live zumba music with dancing, food samples from Thailand and Vietnam and Confucius Institute had a booth where you could draw your name in Chinese characters – calligraphy.

The event was a great success !


Article about CI teacher Youjin Ruan in local newspaper

05. SEP, 2013

NORDJYSKE, a local newspaper, has published an article about Youjin Ruan. Youjin is a teacher and a PhD student. The article is a follow-up to the previously article written about Professor Du Xiangyun. You can read the Danish article here


Article about CI Director Du Xiangyun in local newspaper

31. JUL, 2013

During the summer holiday the largest local newspaper of northern Denmark "Nordjyske" brought a profile of CI AAU's director Professor Du Xiangyun as part of a series about Chinese living in Denmark. You can read a scanned copy of the article by clicking here


TV news on Asian Culture Festival

27. JUN, 2013

On 23 June the local TV station TV2 Nord ran a short news in Danish on the festival. Forward to 7:40 in the embedded video below to see the clip.


Pictures and articles from Asian Culture Festival

27. JUN, 2013

Last weekend (21 - 23 June) the first annual Asian Culture Festival in Aalborg was held at Karolinelund. No matter if you were one of the around 5000 attendees of the festival or you weren't able to attend, we give you an opportunity to revisit the event by taking a look at the great photos and articles that were produced during the weekend.

We have uploaded a few pictures at the end of this news. Furthermore, you can find more pictures and news stories here (all in Danish):

Article in Nordjyske 14 June

Article in Nordjyske 23 June

Article on TV2 Nord's website 22 June

Click here to find a great collection of photos taken by Platform 4's free lance photographer Simon.

With the kind support of Simon Hansen BrknRib Photography, we share a selection of great pictures here:

The CI information tent

Tea ceremony

Chinese street kitchen - make and eat dumplings

Chinese calligraphy - with ink on paper and with water on the pavement

The local Aalborg Taiji club gives a performance


Asian Culture Festival in Aalborg, 21 - 23 June

03. MAY, 2013

Confucius Institute in cooperation with Sharing International and local Asian communities in Aalborg, is organising the 1st Asian Culture Festival in Aalborg at Karolinelund. For more information, chek asian-culture-festival.dk, join our Facebook group "Asiatisk Kultur Festival i Karolinelund" or read below.

A taste of Asia
You miss Asia. You miss the crowded friendly funny colorful atmosphere in Asia. You miss the authentic spicy tasty Asian street food. You want to learn more about Asian culture, cuisine, country and people. Come to our Asian Culture Festival!

We have many interesting activities for your family to play and relax the whole day. We have Asian art and daily life photo exhibition. We have Qigong, Taichi, Muay Thai and Chinese calligraphy workshop. We have 3D print for curious people to learn about this new technology. We have Explore Asia Show where you can learn more about specific Asian country, people, culture and travel.

We have Street Kitchen where Asian teach you how to cook fantastic Asian food. We have free cooking class for anyone who would like to learn how to make a proper Asian party. There are plenty of free food trial from Korean, Vietnam, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Japan, India, Bangladesh... in the Open Kitchen. And you can buy plenty of delicious food in our food shops too.

The kids can play at the playing ground, treasure hunt, having free face painting, taking free photos with their lovely pet. Parents can just relax at our Thailand wellness and enjoy Thai foot and body massage. We also have Thai massage class for couples and singles who would like to learn so that they can spoil their loved one later.

You can visit our Asian market where people sell their private treasures from Asia. In the evening we have Asian Night Show with different performances.

Come and enjoy a wonderful summer day with your family!